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A house of "Hope"

The ” Nawali  center” is the achievement of a dream, Nawal’s dream. Originally from Comoros islands, Nawal has been living in France for many years but is stil very much inspired by her original country. She’s even thinking of launching a center inspired by her Comoro roots by offering jobs, giving a new touch to the premises.

Surrounded by volunteers in France from different backgrounds, she founded  “les amis de Nawal”‘s association which aims at collecting funds allowing to finance the center.

  • Building the center with the local popoulation, the young in particular, young mothers who need opportunities
  • Promoting well being within the participation , and self development
  • Highlighting the traditional knowledge, suggesting the women to animate cooking, singing dancing and health care sessions

It is in Moheli where Nawal started the project of the future center. She bought the land but everything is yet to come.

Locally, the project is taking shape with the development of the land. In France, the association started its activities in order to collect funds.

Nawal’s friends are relying on you and thank you for your support in anyway. SUPPORT US ! (clic > here to know how )